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Bugfix Release 1.4.6

Version 1.4.4 contained two nasty bugs which would crash ChessX. Please update to the new release to avoid loss of data.

ChessX 1.4.4 "Picasso" released

Picasso is the latest release of ChessX. There are new features which may help to teach chess to children - paint critical fields and draw arrows with the mouse without additional use of the keyboard. And don't forget to show the power of pieces with the help of the move indicator.
In addition, a few bugs were to be fixed: especially, Chess960 was broken in some cases (castling!).

Celebrating 100.000 downloads

Started at 2007, ChessX now celebrates 100.000 downloads at the beginning of March 2016.
See the Project Statistics.

ChessX 1.4.0 "Twincat" released

We have completed ChessX 1.4.0 "Twincat". Cataloging twins in a database is one of the new features (thus the name),
support for Chess960 and engine matches are new, too.
There is a build for 32 bit WIndows - see the Download section. Have fun!

Bugfix release 1.3.2

I have updated the binaries as the large file support was broken in 1.3.0. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sneak preview to FICS

I would like to present a sneak preview to FICS: ChessX 1.3.0 contains my approach to observing and playing games on FICS.
Mac OS and Windows users will have timeseal automatically installed. My recommendation: Login as guest before ruining your rating until you feel comfortable with the ChessX GUI.
Have fun!

Bugfix Release 1.2.2

There is an update 1.2.2 available, which fixes two nasty bugs. A few new features (mostly user requests) have been added, too.

ChessxX 1.2.0 "Typewriter"

A new installation 1.2.0 is available. The new version has been polished at several places: Undo/Redo, Polyglot book handling, danish and italian translation, asynchronous searching, entering moves via keyboard (thus the name).
I hope, you enjoy our latest achievements.
Note:Mac Installation is updated.

ChessX 1.1.0 "Bookmaster" released

ChessX 1.1.0 has been released. As engines now can display book information and the opening tree can use any open database as reference, the name "Bookmaster" was chosen. But there are a lot of changes and bugfixes, so please enjoy our latest release.

ChessX 1.0.0 "Beetle" released

With a lot of new features (toolbars, symbolic notation, ECO and tournament view, merging of games,...) we proudly present ChessX 1.0.0
There are optimized Windows 7 builds (64 and 32 bit) as well as version for Windows XP and (of course) Mac OS X including Mavericks.