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Compilation Howto


To compile ChessX, you need at least Qt5.2. Qt4 will compile but FICS might not work properly. You will also need to download ChessX source code, as described in the download section.


Compiling the source is simple. Just unpack the sources, go to source directory (chessx) and execute:


If you receice an error in make related to multimedia, you can comment out the line CONFIG += sound in and call make again.

If the compilation is successful you should be able to run ChessX executable in release, debug or static subdirectory. It is called:

  • chessx on Linux
  • on Mac OS
  • chessx.exe on Windows


To enable debugging, you need to pass debug) variable to qmake:

qmake -recursive -after CONFIG+=debug

Static Linkage

To enable static linking, you need to pass static) variable to qmake:

qmake -recursive -after CONFIG+=static

Static Linkage with Qt requires that you build a complete set of static Qt libraries. See the Qt homepage.

Issues after updating Xcode

Every once in while Apple updates Xcode. ChessX usually won't compile afterwards:
Change the line
QMAKE_MAC_SDK = macosx10.11
to the current Apple SDK, call qmake and make afterwards.