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Free Chess Database


Installation over prior versions

Unless, you have customized your own themes and you want to keep them beside the new themes, it makes sense to deinstall the old version before installing the new one.

Explanation: The data subdirectories are now compiled into the binary, so they are not needed anymore and won't be installed with the new release. But if they are still there, the built-in data path is ignored and the physical path on hard disk is used instead.


Version 1.4.0. "Twincat":

Version 1.3.2 "Sneak Preview to FICS Bugfix":

For older versions, visit our Sourceforge download site.

You can get the latest development code directly from anonymous SVN:
svn co chessx
The latest stable is 1.4.0:
svn co chessx

Go to the compilation page for instructions on compiling current version. Please keep in mind that SVN version may be less stable. It should compile but may not work as expected.


Some sample databases from German Bundesliga:

Big database
Small database