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Translations of ChessX

List of languages currently available for ChessX, with the corresponding translator.

Original work:

(en) - English - ChessX development team

Maintained translations:

(de) - German - Jens Nissen, Joachim Katzer
(fr) - French - Sylvain Philip, Olivier Roset, Jens Nissen
(it) - Italian - Bruno Rizzuti, Jens Nissen
(da) - Danish - Byrial Jensen, Jens Nissen
(es) - Spanish - Benigno Hernández Bacallado, Eduardo Sadier
(ru> - Russian - Alexander L.
(cz> - Czech - Filip Rubner

Unmaintained translation:

(zh) - Chinese - Anthony Jiang
(nl) - Dutch - Ron Oortwijn
(pl) - Polish - Michal Rudolf
(pt_BR) - Brazilian Portuguese - Leandro de Oliveira


If your language is not available and you want to translate ChessX yourself, all you need is a working Qt installation. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Send an e-mail to chessx-devel mailing list and tell you are going to translate ChessX into your language. This is to avoid duplicate translations.
  2. Find the two-letter i18n code for your language. Below, xx is used to mark this code.
  3. If there is already a i18n/chessx_xx.ts file, use it. If there is not, go to main ChessX directory and run:

    lupdate -ts -target-language xx i18n/chessx_xx.ts

  4. Open the file in Linguist and translate messages. The program has some builtin help, you can also find details in Qt documentation
  5. Save and compile the file using lrelease chessx_xx.ts
  6. Put the resulting chessx_xx.qm file in data/lang directory and test it. After running ChessX, it should work in your language.
  7. If everything is OK, send the file to current maintainer. You can find the address in Help->About dialog of ChessX.

Instead of (5) and (6) above you may edit, adding your file to the list that begins with TRANSLATION =. This will result in putting your translation in the binary. Note that ChessX first checks whether translation is present in data/lang directory; if no appropriate file is there, the translation compiled into the binary is used.