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Free Chess Database

Sourceforge reforged

Sourceforge has updated their web infrastructure, thus subversion repositories and web links need to be updated.
SVN users will get an informational notice when updating.

Updated Installers

The Windows Installer has been updated due to a missing DLL.
Also published: a tarball for Unix Users!

New Version 0.9.6 "Instructor"

Our latest release features quite a few new features like the training mode, where moves are hidden and its up to you to find the correct continuation. Ideal for tactics training. Have fun!

Why Rudolph?

Well, to honor Michal of course?! Or could there be something else? Take a quick look into version 0.9.4, the next release will not present Rudolph anymore...

ChessX 0.9.4 "Rudolph" published

Right before christmas we would like to share version 0.9.4 "Rudolph" with you. There has been some internal reworking which allows us now to serialize index data of large databases. This accelerates reloading of indexed PGN files by factor 5. We hope you enjoy this and all other new features.

Why "Brazilwood"?

Brazilwood is one of the new board themes from James Coons that comes with the latest version 0.9.2.
As of 0.9.2, I would like to name each new release after some prominent new feature, so send in your ideas or your new code and make it to the "headline".

Update 0.9.2 "Brazilwood"

This is an update for version 0.9. We fixed a couple of issues with engine handling, added a UCI option dialog and generally smoothed some rough edges.
Also new: we have started an integrated help system - just try F1.
For an overview of all new features see the ChangeLog that comes with the installation.